Top 5 Difficult Champions in the League of Legends


There are more than 140 champions available for players to pick in League of Legends and as seasons go by, Riot brings more and more champions. While some of these champions are easy to play and suitable for beginners, some are really difficult champions in League of Legends. The reason behind this difficulty is that some champions are just mechanically difficult to play; they require a good level of mastery and experience. Another reason that makes difficult champions in League is that some champions may require a good knowledge of the game in general.


In this article, we have listed the top 5 difficult champions in League of Legends. In general, these champions require a high level of experience to perform well in the game: Some require good reflexes, mechanical control and some require good game knowledge. Only with the mixture of game knowledge and a great level of playing experience, these champions can be performed to their full potential. Before going further, keep in mind that the top 5 most difficult champions are highly subjective since there are a lot of difficult champions to play. For example, a player can be very good at mechanical champions so playing these champions would be very easy for him and vice-versa. Therefore, don’t forget that the list that you would make and our list can very likely differ.


Here are our top 5 difficult champions in the League of Legends list, enjoy!

5- Vayne

Although for some players Vayne may seem like an easy champion to play, she definitely requires a fast-thinking mind and good reflexes. Adjusting the timing of her skills can be easy in early game gangs, but if you have little experience with Vayne, this can be very hard in the later minutes of a game. In intense team fights; tumbling (Q) in the right moment, using condemn (W) to the right enemy and direction can be really hard. One of the best things about Vayne is that in situations like team fights, her ultimate gives more attack damage, reduced tumble (Q) cooldown, and bonus movement speed. This way, the player can cast Vayne’s spells faster and more effectively. But keep in mind that this requires a lot of practice to keep it right.


One of the other factors that make Vayne on the list of most difficult champions in LoL is that even though she becomes a really strong ADC in the late game, it is hard to farm with her due to her short range and slow attack speed in the first stages of the game. And if you can’t farm well or get some successful gangs in the early game, then it will be harder for you to catch up with other carriers of the game which can ruin your entire game. 

4- Lee Sin

Another champion that requires a good level of mechanical skill is our charismatic blind monk friend, Lee Sin. Lee Sin is a type of champion that can let you win games singlehandedly if you have mastered him and played with him a lot. Not surprisingly, mastering Lee Sin is extremely hard and this is one of the main reasons why he is one of the most difficult champions in the League. With runes and build paths, he can offer you great versatility, fun gameplay, and good combos.


The combos may look simple and easy to conduct in the first place, but in the heat of the moment using these various combos gets really complicated. Also, choosing the right build for a specific game requires good game knowledge. Therefore, to play well with Lee Sin which is one of the most difficult champions in League, you should practice it a lot and keep yourself updated with current item/champion changes that come with patches. Remember, if you master Lee Sin, you may become unstoppable and carry games! 

3- Gangplank

So far, we have only talked about the champions that required a good level of mechanical skills and reflexes. But well, Gangplank is not exactly a champion that requires high mechanical skill and there are other factors that make him in the most difficult champions list. Depending on your team’s situation, you can gang, split push, help and support the other lanes. But this does not mean that Gangplank is a support champion since he is capable of doing and focusing on all these.


Since it offers a great level of versatility to players in many ways, a player can fit him in different situations and find a way to use him in the best possible way. But to do this, the player needs to be experienced since this would require a great knowledge of a high percentage of game items.

2- Aurelion Sol

In LoL, every champion has skill sets that make them unique, but in the end, champions with the same roles have a resemblance with each other. However, Aurelion Sol is a champion that is very unique and has no resemblance with any other champion, especially when we consider his abilities.


You may master one “assassin” champion and play with another assassin champion won’t be like playing a champion for the first time. But since Aurelion Sol’s abilities are so different and unique, your playtime on other champions won’t make it easy to play Aurelion. Apart from these, adjusting the distance of his stars to damage enemies, and using his ultimate and (E) at the right times, makes Aurelion Sol one of the hardest champions in the game.

1- Azir

Azir is not only a champion that is hard to control but also versatile depending on the situation of the game. The placement of his sand soldiers should be wisely placed in lanes and his abilities should be used in precise ranges so that they can be effective. With no surprise, Azir is on many player’s hardest champions list since you need to both focus on using his skills in the right place and at the right time and choosing your build path according to the situation of the game. 


However, if you are looking for a nice challenge, and like to learn difficult champions that can carry games, then Azir would be a perfect choice!