Can you Install Skin Mods in LoL?

As a matter of fact, yes you can install skins or cosmetics mods into the League of Legends. Riot Games considers the possibility of installing custom skins may somehow relate some person to install scripts or bots to cheat in the game. However, they do not punish the players who install the skin and cosmetic mods. But still, even though they made a statement about this, it can still be dangerous to install skin mods. This is because the bots or algorithms of Riot Games can detect your skins mode as a script that is trying to hack the game and suspend your Riot account directly. So, yes maybe the possibility is low but the risk is great for downloading skins mods in LoL.


And there is another important thing you should know if you are thinking of installing some skins mods. Since these mods change only your files, players in the game will still see you as if you are in your officially equipped skin. So, sorry but you cannot flex your teammates with some cosmetic skin! But the good side of the skin mods is that they are very unique and different from the official skins. Some may look unprofessional since they are usually made by fans rather than a professional design team but some modders are just too talented! Also, skins mods do not listen to Riot guidelines since only you see them so you can use skins that are a bit extreme.