Can you Install Mods in LoL?

While it is possible to install some mods in League of Legends, some mods can also be considered as cheating software by Riot games and cause you to get some penalties. That is why you need to carefully understand which mods are okay for LoL and which are not. We have argued which mods are okay to install and which are not in our article. So, let’s start!

Riot has been launching many events and game mods in League of Legends. Playing those mods and events is surely a great way to chill out a bit from the stress of climbing the rank ladders and even casual games. Playing something different but LoL-related is always exciting for players that are continuously playing this game. Always playing the ranked games is almost impossible for any player, so thanks Riot for making these game mods for players! But can you install custom game mods in League of Legends?