Can You Install Custom Game Mods in League of Legends

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is no. Since Riot Games only support the official game mods such as ARAM, 1v1, or some specific event game mods that get released on specific dates throughout the year, you can’t install custom game mods. Riot Games’ attitude and strict policy is well known among the players and modders about this, so no one really tries to do big projects and try to install it on the game. And this is actually not bad news, since Riot Games already provides players with great game modes! Riot Games team is actually perfect to understand the player’s needs and engage with the LoL community. So when it comes to making something that the majority of the players desire, they just do or integrate it with their talented design and software team. For example, one of the best game mods that LoL had and still has (the majority of LoL players are still playing it) All Random All Mid (ARAM). It was initially developed by players on Summoner’s Rift. Thanks to the community, one of the best game mods in gaming history was made. And thanks to the Riot, ARAM was integrated into the game and has been developed ever since. Nowadays, you can play ARAM at Howling Abyss and it has been greatly developed ever since it was created.


Okay, it is clear that we are unable to install game mods since Riot is generally against it and it can cause some problems for our account. But what about other mods?